Prince Of The River

     The purple prince nymph is one of those multi purpose flies that has become a go to fly in my box. I will use it as a stone fly in the summer, but mostly it is a very buggy looking weight and I will fish them all spring and fall as well. I'll tie these on sizes 18-12.  I start with a tungsten bead and Lead free weighted wire. Yep they are heavy. The purple angora goat dubbing is quit shaggy. I will cut it to be symmetrical after ribbing it with copper wire. Of course I use traditional biots for the tail and wings. The final ingredient after installing the peacock thorax is the hen back collar. 

I started fishing this royal fly when I first learned to fly fish in Fraser Colorado.  I can't tell you how many days I would do what I call "catch for the cycle". Browns, brookies, and bows, all in one day, not unusual with the Purple Prince Nymph. I would start by looking for rocky areas in the river.  I know stones live in abundance along the small freestone creek.   The carcus of the stone flys would line the large rocks along side the Fraser.  My little purple stone fly would attract the 2 pounders. The take was always obvious as the fish would often take a more ferocious gulp at the little fella. I have had so many fun days catching with the prince.  It has served me well on so many rivers in Colorado including the South Platte, The Arkansas River, and the mighty Colorado. All have fish swimming within that have experienced the tipped tail of the purple prince nymph.  Long live the prince.