Tail-waters during runoff

Fishing tail-waters during high runoff time is some of the best spring fishing available. Not only that but tail-waters hold huge fish during the runoff.  I hear many fisherman refer to the Colorado River as a freestone river.  Simply put, it is not, at least not after it runs through shadow mountain reservoir where is exits the dam from the bottom of the lake. This officially makes all the water below shadow mountain reservoir tail-water.  Because water flows are controlled by humans and computers, fishing tail water during runoff can be quit effective.  The water tends to be more clear and the larger fish tend to migrate toward the damn during high release times. Tributaries such as the Fraser confluence with the Colorado after Granby. The Fraser River is considered a freestone as it runs from the top of Berthoud pass through the town of Granby.   Making the proper fly selection can be quit different in a tail water fishery than it is on a freestone river.  TFP has a fantastic selection of flies already boxed specifically  for tail-waters, freestone, and still waters.  Help TFP help a kids learn to fish when you purchase one of our river specific boxes.