Jeff's Favorite Lake Trout Jig Fly

This is a great fly to get deep quickly and its very easy to tie.

Materials - 

Gamakatsu Round Head 3/16 weight Jig with 1/0 hook

  • Marabou - Any color but my favorite is Brown/Rust
  • Black thread - Uni Thread 6/0
  • Copper flash
  • Stick on Eyes
  • Black marker
  • UV Flex

Start with the hook upside down on the vice and tie in the thread

Place one piece of Marabou and tie in, then add another directly on top. - (The tail should be as long as the hook shank)

Rotate hook and place two more pieces on the hook, tie them in separately.



Add one piece of flash to each side - Cut to hook length.


Wrapping the thread to create a collar, then whip finish.

Use the marker to color the head and collar, add eyes - I use a small amount of super glue to hold them


UV entire head and rotate for an even finish.

That's it, a very simple but effective jig fly that looks great in the water.