Meet Greg Frick Signature fly tier and owner of Frick'n Fish'n

I am a Colorado native and avid fisherman. I grew up in Arvada but spent most of my summers fishing in the Midwest.  Fishing has always been a passion. My goal is to fish as many different techniques as possible.   I have had the fortune to try all kinds of deep sea fishing, fly fished, and lobster hunted. I have had to swim my own bait to the fish before. I have spent countless hours trolling for walleye. I nearly drowned trying to navigate my own boat down the Colorado River.  Yes I like so many others have a long list of crazy fishing stories. Catch me some day and I will share them with you. 

I started fishing like many kids do, with my Dad. We fished all over Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming.  However, I didn't start fly fishing until one summer  in 2010 when I moved with my family to Fraser Colorado.  Almost every day I would drive across the Fraser river and see fishermen catching.  A long time family friend of mine gave me an old Orvis fly rod years before so I decided it was time to give fly fishing a try.  I was hooked instantly, literally.  In fact I had to remove several hooks from various body parts as I learned to cast. I lost so many flies the bushes surrounding the Fraser river soon started to look like Christmas trees.  Like so many other anglers new to fly fishing I just knew I could save money by tying my own flies. So, I bought books, and material. I watched all kinds of YouTube videos and bought material, I tried many different patterns but didn't have enough material so I bought more material. then I wanted to learn even more so …After all of that I figured out I would have to tie about 1,436,532 flies before I started saving money. By the time I figured that out, I was having way too much fun tying. So now I have a bunch of flies, a ton of material, and a desire to help all kids learn to love fishing as I did when I was a kid.  I hope you are able to join us on this quest to tie flies for a purpose. 

Greg is a Fly Fishers International member and has accomplished the Bronze and Silver level fly tying credentials. Greg is a Member and past VP. Of the High Plains Drifters fly fishing club in Denver.